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Congratulations to the 25 recipients of our 2022 MS Go for Gold Scholarships! We once again had an overwhelming response to the program, receiving 165 applications this year, all for a variety of inspiring goals. The judges found it extremely difficult to award only 25 applicants this year, as there were so many deserving applications.

When Ben started losing mobility about 5 years ago due to his Primary Progressive MS, he decided to learn to draw and paint, as a way of staying connected with his young daughters and as therapy to help to manage his chronic pain. As his children have grown, Ben’s dream has evolved to wanting to take art classes and use professional materials to paint their portraits.

‘My dream is to be able to paint my daughters, especially - through their different ages — and by doing that stay close and connected to them. I feel like the process of painting them will keep us closer, as they are getting older and going to high school, they spend more time out of home as I seem to spend more time at home.’

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Please remember, if you need support or services to live well with MS – we are here for you. Contact our Plus Connect team on 1800 042 138 to find out how we can help you or your loved ones.

Pictured: Ben with his two children.

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