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There's been quite a bit of discussion in the media recently about a new preventative medication and two antiviral treatments for COVID, so we've put together a new video Q&A to help you navigate the latest information and advice.

In this video, our Executive Manager Client Engagement and Wellbeing Jodi Haartsen is once again joined by Neurologist and Associate Professor Anneke Van Der Walt and Clinical Nurse Consultant Louise Rath from The Alfred.

Please note: this video discusses a preventative medication and antiviral treatments for COVID, however you may not require treatment – please seek advice from your healthcare team.

The 30-minute discussion covers:

  • staying up-to-date with COVID vaccinations for people living with MS
  • medications (antiviral) to use if you do test positive for COVID
  • discussion about the 'rebound effect' reported in the media for antivirals
  • the introduction of preventative treatment (Evusheld) including how it works, who is eligible and when to have it.