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We run lotteries and raffles throughout the year, so you can get behind an excellent cause and have the chance of winning big prizes, such as a holiday, car or tens-of-thousands-of-dollars in gold.

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MS Dream Raffle

Support thousands of Australians living with MS. By purchasing a raffle ticket, you can make a life-changing difference and could also win big! While the prizes change every year, it can include a brand-new luxury car or thousands-of-dollars in gold.

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MS Dream Car Lottery

With the MS Dream Car Lottery, you have the chance to win a Land Rover Defender or $150,000 in gold. By entering early, you could also be included in the:

  • Super Early Bird Prize – $10,000 in gold.
  • Early Bird Prize – a $20,000 Fiji holiday or $20,000 in gold.
  • MS Dream Club Prize – an exclusive, members-only draw to win a $5,000 travel voucher or $5,000 in gold.

Other ways to make a difference

We rely on people like you to raise critical funds and support those who need it most. There are plenty of ways you can help someone living with MS. You can:

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