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Succeeding at work

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Symptoms – such as fatigue, brain fog and pain – can make it harder to maintain a job. With the help of practical strategies, you can overcome some of these challenges and continue working. Access a range of resources and support services that help you have a better work life with MS.

Employment support services

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Living with MS or other neurological conditions can make it challenging to stay in the workforce. To maintain a positive work life and a sense of independence, you can keep working on your terms.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or want support in your current role, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Our free employment support service empowers you to succeed at work. Our team members can help you:

  • better manage your symptoms at work
  • find equipment to make your job easier
  • with advice on how to share your diagnosis with your employer (if and when you choose to)
  • write a great resume
  • do well in interviews
  • find available work.

Employment success stories

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MS can affect anyone, including people working in academic or high-profile roles. Hear from real people sharing their personal stories about how MS affected their professional life and how our employment services helped them.

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