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We believe connecting with a community that understands multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurological conditions can bring real meaning and purpose!

Sharing your experiences and emotions with someone who ‘just gets it’ can help you to feel less alone. It can also help you understand a recent diagnosis, find new ways to manage your symptoms and live well with MS.

We can connect you with other members of the MS community. Whether you’re living with the condition or caring for someone who is, we create safe spaces where you can find support and support each other.

You can engage with the community through a range of meaningful programs, find out more below.

Benefits of joining an MS support group

  • Share your MS experience with a supportive community
  • Get the latest information on multiple sclerosis
  • Learn new strategies for dealing with challenges created by MS
  • Get encouragement from others living with MS (and encourage others too!)
  • Meet local health professionals and build a network of resources.
Connect with others living with multiple sclerosis

MS peer support groups

Wondering if there’s an MS support group near you? Connect with others who understand what you’re experiencing at a local MS support group. Or join an MS support group online.

Peer support is the act of connecting with others who are in a similar situation to share friendship and understanding. We offer face-to-face groups, one-on-one support over the phone, Telegroups and Telelinks.

Group members say they feel less alone and more supported. You’ll get tips and tricks on how to live well with MS while building a network of resources and connecting with other people who ‘get it.’

A one-off MS Go for Gold Scholarship can help you achieve a personal dream

MS Go for Gold Scholarships

Apply for a one-off grant to help you achieve a personal dream or goal.

Our MS Go for Gold Scholarship program provides one-off grants to follow a personal dream. If you’re living with multiple sclerosis and need support to help achieve your dream, an MS Go for Gold Scholarship can help.

There are 25 scholarships available every year, valued up to $2,000 each with categories including personal expression, education and living your best life. No project, dream, goal or hobby is too big or too small.

Fun outdoor activities like canoeing, flying foxes, campfires and more for families living with MS

MS Plus Family camps

A fun, relaxing chance to connect with other families living with multiple sclerosis in your community.

We know being a parent and living with MS can sometimes feel like being on a rollercoaster, both rewarding and challenging at the same time. Our family camps are a fun, relaxing and free way for you to connect with other families on a similar journey.

Our MS Plus Family Camps are free to attend with all accommodation, meals and activities for the weekend covered. This includes your own family room with a bathroom. The cost of our family camps is covered by fundraising from the MS Readathon.

Opportunities throughout the year to celebrate and advocate for the MS community

MS community campaigns

Opportunities throughout the year for the MS community to raise awareness and connect.

Our community campaigns are designed to celebrate your resilience and spirit, while sharing hope for the future. Every year we mark World MS Day, Women’s Health Week and National Carers Week. We also host a Virtual Art Show and other topical campaigns.

In addition to our annual campaigns, we often create online programs for topical issues like COVID. We’re here so you feel supported and connected despite any challenges.

People living with MS or caring for someone with the condition use their voices to raise awareness and understanding

MS Plus Ambassadors Program

Our ambassadors are living with MS or caring for someone with the condition who can share stories of courage and determination.

Our ambassadors are inspiring volunteers who can present with honesty and humour at your next corporate, school or community event.

You’ll learn firsthand what happens in the daily lives of people affected by this unpredictable condition. Our ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds, family situations, jobs and cultures – and they each have a unique experience with multiple sclerosis.

An older person in a hat sits with a younger friend

MS Plus Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS)

One-on-one or group visits for older and vulnerable Australians

The Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS) is funded by the Australian government and plays a vital role in providing companionship for older people living in aged care homes or living in their own homes and receiving or waitlisted for a home care package.

We can arrange one on one or group visits. The visits are not limited to people living with multiple sclerosis.

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