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What is a memorial donation?

In Memory donations are a meaningful way to honour the memory of a loved one while making a difference to others.

"In Memory" gifts can help people living with MS in a number of ways, as they can include:

"In Memorial"
gifts or gifts given in lieu of flowers, or sent instead of flowers at a funeral service. Often these were called "funeral envelope donations" and we still have envelopes but we also recognise that in a digital world, easier means exist such as our In Loving Memory website.

"In Honour of"
or as a "Tribute" gift to a loved one that is someone special that might not be with us any longer. This honour or tribute "in memory" gift allows their name to be associated forever with a positive difference for people who have MS. We can customise this to suit, you can give a donation now so you can see the impact live on, or give it later as a gift in Will so your estate/ bequest gift will honour your loved one.

Some people often want to honour their loved one by becoming a regular giver or using a special commemoration, such a birthday, anniversary or calendar event to honour their loved one.

How to make a memorial donation

Making a memorial donation to MS Plus is as easy as visiting our In Loving Memory website and following the prompts for ‘Donations in Memory Of’. You’ll be guided through the process, and you can choose the amount and frequency of your donation.

Remember, each memorial charity donation helps MS Plus continue its vital work in research, advocacy, and support for those living with MS. Your contribution is not just a gift, but a legacy that impacts many lives. Thank you for your generosity.

How to set up a memorial donation

You can get started now on the In Loving Memory site, following the easy to understand “set up a Tribute” prompts, or simply call our team on 1800 443 867 and we will be happy to walk you through it or help with the set up. Once an In Memory Tribute has been set up, you can use the personalised link to use the prepared “resource” templates to share materials to your loved ones.

Alternatively contact our office to request “Funeral envelopes” to help with In Memory donations made in lieu of flowers.

Setting up a memorial donation to MS Plus is simple:

  1. Decide on the type of donation (one-time or recurring) and the amount.

  2. Contact MS Plus to express your intention to set up a memorial donation.

  3. Provide some relevant details about the person you’d like to honour with a memorial donation.

  4. Share the information with friends and family, so they can contribute if they wish.


When making a memorial donation your friends and loved ones may have some of the following questions. Here are some responses that may help to make this process easier:

When making a donation, you might want to include a memorial donation message that expresses your sentiments. Here’s an example:

“In loving memory of [Name], a remarkable individual who touched our lives. This donation to MS Plus is made to honour their spirit and help others living with MS.”

The memorial donation amount you choose is a personal decision. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in supporting MS Plus’s mission. Remember, it’s not about the amount, but the impact your gift can make.

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