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Navigating the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) can be confusing and challenging when you’ve been diagnosed with a neurological condition like MS. Our team can help simplify the process so you get the NDIS funding – as well as the care and support – you need.

We know that no two people’s journeys with a neurological condition are the same. Just like no two experiences with the NDIS will be identical. That’s why our team will work with you to help you identify and achieve your personal goals with ease.

Whether that’s returning to work or study, staying in your home, or increasing your mobility – if you’re living with a neurological condition that stops you from doing everyday things, you may be eligible for support.

Find out more about the NDIS and the services we provide below.

Your NDIS MS checklist

  1. Learn how to get the funding support you need through NDIS.
  2. Receive help accessing your NDIS plan.
  3. Request plan management to stay on top of financial transactions.
  4. Register for telehealth or in-person allied health services to help manage and overcome daily challenges.
  5. Connect with a support coordinator to help you make sense of your NDIS plan.
NDIS funds support for eligible Australians living with MS

About NDIS

Is MS covered by NDIS? Are you eligible for NDIS funding? Learn more about the NDIS.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds support and services for eligible Australians living with a disability. It is run by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

If you’re eligible for an NDIS plan, you will receive funding to work towards your goals. Everyone’s goals will be different, but they could include things like living independently at home, finding and keeping a job and socialising in the community.

From physiotherapy to continence support to occupational therapy; allied health services can help with your day-to-day care

NDIS allied health

Our health professionals offer telehealth and in-person care to help you manage MS symptoms.

If your symptoms are impacting your daily life, our allied health team can help! We have an experienced team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists and continence support available to access using funding from your NDIS plan.

Our team specialise in neurological conditions. Whether it’s for work, self-care or leisure, we can make it easier for you to continue doing what matters to you.

MS Plus support coordinators can make sure your NDIS plan meets your goals

NDIS support coordination

Ensure your NDIS plan meets your goals for your MS care.

Reduce the stress! Our experienced support coordinators can partner with you to ensure your NDIS plan meets your goals and will help map out your funding so it’s going towards the things that matter most to you!

We can help you develop a plan for how you’ll spend your funds, find providers that work for you and your values, help you understand the practical parts and remain on hand throughout your plan and plan review.

Get help from our plan managers managing your NDIS transactions.

NDIS plan management

Don’t tackle NDIS financial management alone. We can help.

Plus Plan Management can help you stay on top of your NDIS budget and manage your NDIS financial transactions on your behalf, so that you can focus on living well.

Once you receive a service, our plan managers can check the invoice is correct, request the funds from the NDIS and pay the provider for you.