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Congratulations to the winners of our 2024 MS Plus Virtual Art Show! This year 58 people submitted 88 pieces of artwork, all exploring this year's World MS Day theme: 'It Takes a Village'.

The MS Plus Virtual Art Show, now in its 18th year, provides people living with neurological conditions an opportunity to express their creativity and their unique experience of MS through art.

For World MS Day 2024, MS Plus is exploring the importance of finding your support network, or ‘village’ after an MS diagnosis — and all the forms a village can take. The theme is a celebration of the people, systems and services that support people with MS.

Congratulations goes to:

The Barry Allen Art Award, winner: Robert Barnes ‘Long View from a Long Hill’

Paintings/Illustrations, winner:
Peter Spies: ‘Inter Connectivity’

Special mention:
John Ellison ‘Bridge’

Sculptural/Craft Artwork, winner:
Rikki Butinar ‘Village Offering’

Special mention:
Jade Warner ‘My School in the Depths’

Digital Artwork and Photography, winner:
Deanna Renee ‘Healing Isn’t Linear’

Special mention:
Annie Probert ‘It Takes a Village’

Carers Award, winner:
Summer Archilles ‘Reaching for Help’

View the full MS Plus Virtual Art Show gallery.

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