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Dr. Lachlan Rash and his team may have found a way to protect the brain and slow the progression of MS.

Brain inflammation appears to be a significant contributor to nerve cell death – and subsequent disability – for people who have MS.

If we can stop brain inflammation, could we stop, slow or prevent the progression of MS?

A three year study is investigating those questions. Lead researcher, Dr. Lachlan Rash, says his team is focused on the protein ‘ASIC1’, which found in nerves throughout the body. The activation of ASIC1 proteins in inflammatory cells increases their ability to damage tissue, leading to nerve cell death.

Dr. Rash’s team have several leading drug candidates which may block the activation of ASIC1, and ultimately help reduce the disabling effects of MS progression.

Resources for this ground-breaking research have been made available through the generosity of you and others in the MS community.

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