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With your support, Professor Bruce Taylor’s team is working to help people living with MS navigate the NDIS.

A new research project led by Professor Bruce Taylor is putting the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) under the microscope to see how well it supports people who live with MS.

The team will conduct five discrete projects, each with different aims. They will:

  1. determine how many people with MS have
    NDIS plans
  2. explore the average monetary value of plans,
    and factors affecting the extent of support
  3. evaluate the impact of an NDIS plan on
    quality of life and workforce participation
  4. explore the experience of applying for and
    administering an NDIS plan
  5. evaluate the experience of preparing or
    contributing to an NDIS application among
    local area coordinators and healthcare
    providers to identify strengths and
    weaknesses in the application process.

The project will run for three years. After this, the research team will share their findings through a free online course, to help people who live with MS get the most from the NDIS.

MS Plus is supporting MS Australia’s submission to the NDIS Review Panel that calls for essential reforms to improve the NDIS for the MS community.

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