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Like you, she’s determined to help others do the same.

Emma is a devoted parent of two children, a committed volunteer for MS Plus, and a keen yoga student. She attends regular physiotherapy to help keep her body as strong and mobile as possible. She also has MS and another neurological condition called functional neurological disorder (FND).

Unfortunately, there are too many people living with MS and other neurological conditions who just aren’t getting the support they need and deserve. That’s why MS Plus, and supporters like you, are working hard to connect them to appropriate, professional and timely care.

Happily for Emma, your generosity is helping her access to specialist MS services. You are helping her live life on her terms, and to the best of her ability.

At MS Plus, we believe people can be more than their condition.

With your help, we’re working for more services, more expertise, more awareness, and more research. We want the MS community to thrive and want to help more people living with neurological conditions to do the same.

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