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‘After my diagnosis I was unsupported, I had no idea what was going on or what to do next, until I registered with MS Plus. I suddenly had access to peer support, allied health and referrals to other hospital-based services. MS Plus was my main lifeline in those early days.’

Gabe now works with MS Plus Support Coordinator, Ricky Burnes, who is helping him to find a suitable new home through his NDIS package.

‘I’m looking to finding a new place that is more appropriate for my needs. I’ve had a few falls, some of which are to do with my current house. Also when I go trike riding, I need to get the trike in and out of the house, as I have steps.

‘So the new place will make it easier to just drive into the house, hopefully the garage will be attached to a single-story house, so much better for me.

‘Ricky and I are very early in the process and we haven’t found the right place yet but he has explained all the different steps to me and what we need to do next,’ Gabe says.

Ricky says, ‘NDIS housing can be a very complex process not only for us but for our clients, so I’ve just been explaining and supporting Gabe through each step.’

Ricky says support coordinators are also key during the NDIS review process.

‘The support coordination role is a vital one because we’re helping people with MS to build their knowledge and understanding of just what supports are available to them and how they can get maximum value from their NDIS package.’

‘We often have NDIS plans that require a review due to underfunding of supports. To be able to help the client during that process takes so much stress and anxiety off their shoulders. They know they have a coordinator who is the squeaky wheel to NDIS!’

‘Just seeing the pure joy and sincere gratitude of a goal being achieved when clients like Gabe tell me how well they’re doing, honestly chokes me up inside because I know how much it really means to them,’ Ricky says.

‘I’ve hit the jackpot with Ricky, we get along like a house on fire. When things get intense or stressful, I feel completely at ease. Clarifying the unknown is where Ricky really excels,’ Gabe says.

‘Ricky also has personal experience with MS through a family member, so he totally understands. And you can see that, when people have a genuine passion for the job, it really elevates their quality of service.

‘[When you’re first diagnosed] it can feel like you’re on the ocean a bit rudderless, but now with Ricky I feel like I’ve got a good captain,’ Gabe says.

For help navigating your NDIS plan, contact 1800 042 138 or see more information on the NDIS and MS

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