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When Eliza was diagnosed with MS, her first child was just three months old.

“Crippling fear overtook me for what my future would look like,” Eliza explains. “Rather than seeing myself as a mother, partner, artist, athlete and scientist, I suddenly felt defined by MS.”

But the kindness of people like you helped connect Eliza with the support she needed to thrive.

“The Employment Support Program has been incredible. My support worker, Jeff, has advocated for me and helped me adjust my expectations in line with any potential limitations MS may present – to the point where I now see them as opportunities to be flexible,” she says.

Since being diagnosed, Eliza has welcomed her second child and built a successful career – even being named a ‘Superstar of STEM’ by Science and Technology Australia. Thank you for helping people like Eliza break down barriers and live their best lives.

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