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Key Worker Pauline shares how your kindness helps her lighten the load for people with MS.

As a Key Support Worker, Pauline provides a bridge between MS Plus clients and the world of support and services – whether they’re delivered by MS Plus or external agencies.

“We offer support to access the NDIS, and our employment team, nurses, and social workers. We also have an allied health team with physios, dieticians, and occupational therapists,” Pauline explains.

A friendly and familiar voice, Pauline checks in with clients on a regular basis to help them overcome barriers connected with their diagnosis.

Recently, Pauline helped a client access lifechanging help through the NDIS after her partner passed away and she was left to raise her 10-year-old child alone with no family support.

“Our client was physically unable to leave the house; then they both ended up in hospital with COVID-19.

“We lodged an NDIS application, and she now has support with transport and household tasks.

“I was so touched when she told me, ‘We’ve been having take-away for 12 months. This is the first normal meal in a year for myself and my son.’ Those types of wins are the reason I love my job.”

Donations to MS Plus ensure Pauline can help people live their best lives with MS. Thank you - on behalf of every person and family you help.

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