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Jodi is a Plus Advisor team leader. Here’s why she loves her work.

Jodi spends her workdays helping her clients with MS and other neurological conditions live their best possible lives. She says there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing a client is getting the care they need and deserve.

Jodi has lots of stories with good outcomes, but there’s one that really sticks in her mind.

Jodi had picked up the phone to a very distressed lady. The woman’s GP had just told her that she might have MS, and referred her to a neurologist. There’d be a six month wait to see the specialist, leaving the woman in a frightening state of uncertainty.

It was Christmas Eve, but Jodi was able to get in touch with a local MS clinic and get the lady a priority appointment.

It’s still difficult for some people with MS to get appropriate, timely care. But your support for MS Plus and team leaders like Jodi is helping change that.

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