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Clinical Physiotherapist Dr Phu Hoang is making strides with exercise.

Thanks to your support for Project Wellbeing, Dr Phu Hoang is helping people who live with MS regain their strength and mobility to an amazing degree. While his focus is on physical therapy, Dr Phu takes a holistic approach.

“I have learned that restoring functional loss requires a comprehensive approach that addresses the whole person, rather than just a single aspect, such as strengthening or balance,” Dr Phu says.

By working with thousands of people who live with MS, Dr Phu has discovered a pattern in the loss of muscle strength. This is the first time it has been recognised.

Now Dr Phu is investigating how this pattern works. He aims to enable any clinician to address muscle weakness directly by using exercises that target the correct muscles, rather than more general exercises.

Thank you for helping Dr Phu build on 21 years of MS specialisation to transform people’s lives.

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