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MS Readathon is giving families a place to relax, recharge and reconnect.

MS Plus camps are a fun way for people who live with MS, and their carers, to connect with others who share their experience. Both children and adults build lifelong connections while they are there.

The camps are an opportunity to share information about support services that can assist families in achieving their goals. They provide a normalising experience for children whose parents live with MS. And they are fun – a family holiday filled with adventure, activities, and community.

The MS Plus camps are a key part of our commitment to supporting carers of people who live with MS. Research has identified six focus areas – of which respite, outings and retreats like these are one.

All costs for the camps, including accommodation, meals and activities are covered by funds from MS Readathons – thanks to the support of people like you. You are giving families the chance to relax, recharge and reconnect.

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