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MS Nurses provide expert clinical guidance in times of urgent need, to help assess symptoms and find the right people to assist.

This is a vital service that can help people avoid unnecessary and stressful emergency hospital visits and provide solutions for managing symptoms. They are also a kind ear in lonely times to help share and lighten the load of the daily challenges of living with MS.

John and Margaret’s search for answers

When their 17-year-old daughter Louise was diagnosed with MS, John and Margaret were overwhelmed, afraid, and unsure how best to support the person they love. Thankfully, they reached out to MS Plus.

An MS Nurse was able to give them advice on practical issues like treatment options. She helped John and Margaret understand brain health, find the right specialist, and support for Louise to continue with school.

This expert advice has been essential for Margaret and John. It means they can support their daughter through a really challenging time, knowing they’re doing everything possible to help her build a good life.

“Help, I think I’m having an MS relapse.”

Katie is used to occasional pins and needles in her hands – but she was frightened when it suddenly worsened. She tried contacting her medical team and neurologist, but couldn’t get through.

Thankfully, an MS Nurse answered the phone. She helped Katie understand that her symptoms were likely to be a pseudo-relapse triggered by stress and a cold. The nurse worked with Katie to make a plan for managing her symptoms until they resolved – and laid out the steps she could take if they did not.

Thanks for helping Katie find expert advice, comfort and care during a scary time.

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