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For many people with MS or other neurological conditions, managing the administrative side of the NDIS and accessing available therapies and equipment — all while not feeling 100 per cent — can seem a daunting task.

MS Plus client, Amalia said, ‘There is always new equipment available and advances in treatment for people with MS, and it’s always good to know that when these new therapies come out that I will have the support and the means to access treatment that could improve my quality of life.

‘Because I get sore and stiff, the idea was to have a lovely massage chair to help reduce my symptoms. My Plan Manager, Amanda discovered two-thirds of the cost was covered under my NDIS plan. To make sure I received the chair, my MS Plus Plan Manager, Support Coordinator and Occupational Therapist all came together to confirm the chair would be beneficial and to secure funding,’ Amalia said.

Having a Plan Manager, Support Coordinator and Allied Health team at one organisation means we can work collaboratively to get you the best outcomes possible.

‘As a Plan Manager, I help clients with things like processing invoices and paying service providers and providing regular statements showing the financial status of their plans,’ Amanda said.

‘Most importantly, I work with clients and their Support Coordinators to understand their goals and support needs, to provide financial assistance and advice, as well as offering increased choice and control in how they access their NDIS funding.’

Amalia says one of the best things about working with the MS Plus team is that they are open to her ideas and really listen when she proposes possible new equipment or treatments she has heard about.

‘A few years ago I also randomly found out about Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy — which recharges the cells in the body a bit like a battery. I did my research and then went straight to my Support Coordinator, who coordinated with Amanda to help fund a PEMF magnetic therapy mat for me,’ Amalia said.

‘It took a lot of teamwork to get it across the line but, guess what? It was approved earlier this year! And Amanda discovered the cost of the mat was completely covered by NDIS.

‘Anything that helps to ease your symptoms is always welcome. These pieces of equipment have really made a difference to my life,’ Amalia said.

‘The best thing is seeing how all the support staff at MS Plus work together for a single client. My Support Coordinator and Plan Manager have made such a great team in helping me,’ Amalia said.

Let us take care of the admin, so you can focus on living well.
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