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During difficult times it can often be hard to ask others for help. Stuart, whose MS has deteriorated rapidly over the last couple of years, reached a point where he was unable to get up from his recliner chair.

Stuart’s wife Wenda, who herself has stage IV cancer and is wobbly on her feet, was helping Stuart into a sitting position. Both of them found the task physically exhausting.

However, there was a simple solution. It came when Stuart courageously reached out for help from MS Plus.

He was put in contact with a social worker – a role entirely made possible thanks to the kind and generous donations from supporters like you. The social worker connected Stuart and Wenda to Plus Financial Assistance Program, and they made a purchase which Stuart describes as “life-changing”.

An automatic reclining chair was shipped to their home, and Stuart can now relax in comfort, and get out of the chair without needing Wenda’s help or enduring excruciating pain. A simple, practical solution has given them both greater dignity and confidence.

“In the space of a few hours, our lives have changed dramatically. I am now independent when it comes to moving from my chair. I would like to express my gratitude to the MS Plus, and all your donors, for the part everyone has played in making this life-changer possible”. – Stuart

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