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Dr Kalina Makowiecki’s groundbreaking research into myelin repair offers new hope to people living with MS.

Thanks to the support from donors like you, MS Plus is funding a 3-year, $428,000 dollar project, that will allow Dr Makowiecki to investigate the role of myelin in the progression of symptoms in people who have MS.

As you may know, myelin is an insulator that wraps around nerve cells, and is suspected to be crucial in the body sending electrical signals to the brain. MS appears to strip the myelin sheath away, making it difficult for neurons to communicate, and eventually leading to neuron death. It’s the loss of nerve or neuron communication that causes disability in people with MS.

Dr Makowiecki wants to understand exactly why and how. Greater understanding of this process may lead her and her team to treatments which could protect nerve cells, slow down the progression of MS symptoms, and potentially halt the process altogether.

It is your support for MS Plus which is fuelling this and other vital MS research projects. Your kindness and generosity could be the key to finding a cure for MS.

"This study will improve our understanding of how myelin loss affects neuron communication. We hope to reveal how new treatments could target brain circuit communication to restore brain function, protect neurons from damage and halt disease progression in people with MS." - Dr Kalina Makowiecki

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