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Connect with our ambassadors and be inspired by their personal stories of courage and determination.

Our ambassadors are volunteers living with multiple sclerosis or caring for someone who lives with the condition, who can present at your next corporate, school or community event.

Who do the MS ambassadors present to?

Our ambassadors are passionate about sharing their experience with multiple sclerosis. Their presentations are educational and inspirational and are designed for:

  • people living with multiple sclerosis
  • community groups
  • university and school staff and students
  • hospital staff
  • research institutions
  • organisations supporting people living with other conditions
  • corporate sector
  • fundraising events.

What do the MS ambassadors talk about?

You’ll learn firsthand what happens in the daily lives of people affected by this unpredictable condition.

Our ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds, family situations, jobs and cultures – and they each have a unique experience with multiple sclerosis.

While the personal stories they share will all be different, our ambassadors are committed to motivating and inspiring your audience with honesty and humour.

How can I book an MS ambassadors?

You can read the profiles of our ambassadors in your state or territory and let us know which ambassador you’d like to book by filling out the form.

Alternatively, you can tell us about your event and we’ll match you with an ambassador we think would be perfect.

How can I become an ambassador?

We’re not currently taking applications for any new ambassadors. However, there are lots of other ways you can get involved and support MS Plus. Check out our Volunteering page to find out more or get in touch with our team.

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