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What is Plus Connect?

From your diagnosis, the first bump in the road and onwards – we are here. Our team is ready to connect and share meaningful advice and practical tools to help you manage every step of your journey with multiple sclerosis or another neurological condition.

You don’t need an appointment. Reach out to our friendly team today, we can help with:

  • information for you and the people in your life to help understand your diagnosis
  • an empathetic listening ear for every step of your journey
  • tips to manage your symptoms and live well
  • referral to the services you need – either ours or one in your local community.

If it’s your first time connecting with us, we’ll match you with a dedicated Key Worker who will be with you on your journey from day one. Your Key Worker will be a partner you can trust who knows a little bit about you – so you won’t have to start from the beginning every time you call.

Who does the Plus Connect team help?

If you’re living with multiple sclerosis or another neurological condition, we’re here to support you. We will partner with you to understand what matters to you and help you access the services you need to live well, when you need them.

If you’re a family member or friend supporting a loved one living with multiple sclerosis or another neurological condition, we’re here for you too! We can provide you with information and resources, connect you to support groups, or we can simply listen.

How do I contact the Plus Connect team?

You can contact our Plus Connect team for free by phone or email from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 6 pm. If you need a translator, find out more about how you can access the national Translating and Interpreting Service.

Or you can fill out the form below and we'll get in touch.

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