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  • Manage my new MS diagnosis
  • Manage my neuro condition
  • Support my loved one with MS
  • Donate to MS Plus
  • Manage my new MS diagnosis

    If you’ve recently received a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, it’s normal to feel scared and confused. But we want you to know that MS doesn’t necessarily lead to significant disability. You can live well with MS. And we’re here to help you do that.

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  • Manage my neuro condition

    The journey of living with a neuro condition is different for everyone. More than six decades of experience in MS has helped us understand the impact on your life. We want to hear your unique story and help you find the right services so you can live your best life.

    Manage my neuro condition
  • Support my loved one with MS

    If you’re a family member or friend supporting a loved one living with MS, we’re here for you! We know a neuro condition can have a significant impact on the lives of loved ones. We also know that carers are often the unsung heroes in the management of MS. So how can you find time to care for yourself?

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  • Donate to MS Plus

    “Rise, don’t stop” – Ricky, diagnosed with MS at 35.

    Keep hope for a cure alive.

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  • Keep hope for a cure alive

    “Rise, don’t stop” – Ricky, diagnosed with MS at 35.

  • In my shoes

    "You're going to have a hot shower in the morning? Forget it. The hot shower is just going to tip you over because if you have a hot shower, all the nerves are getting slowed down by the heat and you're just wrecked," - Silas, person living with MS.

    Over 2.8 million people live with multiple sclerosis worldwide, with 25,600 of those people living in Australia. For World MS Day we shared four of their stories. Introducing...In my shoes.

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  • A lasting legacy

    Rod believes everybody living with multiple sclerosis deserves the very best care. Rod knows this first hand as his wife, Lynette, has lived with MS for over 20 years. Rod’s devotion to Lynette shines through when he talks about her and the reasons why he has chosen to leave a gift in his Will to MS.

    “MS’s work is vital to help people have a better quality of life. One day there will be a cure. I’m happy to leave them a legacy so they can continue their work,” he said.

    Leave a gift in your will
    Rod and Lynette

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