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MS Callistemon League

If you choose to include a gift in your Will to MS Plus, you are invited to become a member of the MS Callistemon League. You’ll be recognised and thanked for your heart-warming generosity and for your lasting impact on the lives of people who have MS.

As a valued member of the MS Callistemon League, you will:

  • Be included in our Celebration of Life book – including words of your choice which will live on forever
  • Be individually acknowledged in newsletters, promotional material and on the MS website – with your permission
  • Receive regular newsletters
  • Receive VIP invitations to special events.

The League’s emblem is the Callistemon Phoeniceus. The native callistemon or ‘bottlebrush’ is a native to Australia and symbolises healing and joy. The structure of the flower with its filaments emerging from a central stem, mirrors the central nervous system — the part of the human anatomy most profoundly affected by multiple sclerosis.

We believe the Callistemon is a fitting emblem for a group of extraordinary people who are leaving a legacy of kindness, care, and ultimately – transformation.

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Nigel's story

Nigel Caswell wasn’t sure about attending his first multiple sclerosis (MS) conference.

'I was afraid, wondering if I’d see what my future held,' said Nigel, who was diagnosed with MS in 1993.

But the former civil engineer was glad he went because it changed his life. More than two decades later, the 78-year-old Bentleigh resident received MS Australia’s John Studdy Award for his service to others living with the neurological condition.

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