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World MS Day is officially marked on 30 May every year. It is a day that brings the global MS community together to celebrate solidarity and hope for the future. This international day also highlights the resilience of people living with MS and raises awareness about the condition and its invisible symptoms.

In 2020, World MS Day focused on connection to self and was the first of a four-year international campaign under the theme 'MS Connections,' which is about self-connection, connections to others and connection to quality care for people living with MS. More information about the multi-year campaign is available on the official World MS Day website.

This year, we continued to focus on building a support crew by shining a light on the importance of connecting with quality care, including the role of empathy in forging deeper and stronger connections. Here are the events conducted across May for World MS Day 2022:

  • Expert speaker panel and community gathering at our office in Blackburn. Recordings of the speakers are included below.
  • Expert speaker panel and community gathering at Gloria McKerrow House in Canberra
  • We attended and spoke at the MS Research Flagship conference at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research in Launceston
  • MS Walk Run + Roll in Canberra, Launceston, Melbourne and Sydney
  • MS Virtual Art Show award ceremony
  • Do it for MS fundraising campaign
  • MS Mega Challenge
  • The May 50K

In my shoes

As part of our World MS Day activities this year, we also released In my shoes. Over 2.8 million people live with multiple sclerosis worldwide, with 25,600 of those people living in Australia. This year we decided to tell just four of their stories.

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