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MS Australia

MS Australia is our national not-for-profit MS organisation dedicated to empowering researchers to identify ways to treat, prevent and cure MS, while seeking sustained and systemic policy change via advocacy and acting as the champion for Australia’s community of people affected by MS.

Through fundraising, we are proud to support MS Australia’s critical work in research toward the prevention, treatment and cure for MS.

MS Australia's main research streams

  • Aims to identify the genetic and environmental factors that can influence developing MS or having symptoms worsen.
  • Projects include the ANZgene MS Genetics Collaboration and the PrevANZ: Vitamin D Prevention Trial.
  • Investigates the role of different aspects of the immune system and its relationship with developing MS.
  • It includes how viruses interact with the immune system.
  • Research includes the Epstein-Barr virus and its interaction with the immune system.
  • Aims to understand how cells in the brain and spinal cord are affected by MS.
  • Includes research into how to protect and repair nerve cells from the damage caused by MS.
  • Research in this area includes proteomics (the proteins involved in MS), and the MS Brain Bank, which studies human tissue from deceased donors.
  • People living with MS can participate in trials for new treatments and ways to manage symptoms.
  • MS Australia’s Clinical Trials Network aims to increase communication, access and awareness of clinical trials.
  • Focuses on improving quality of life, managing symptoms and rehabilitation.
  • It includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology and psychology.
  • Relates to the survey-based Australian MS Longitudinal Study (MS Life Study), which provides practical data on improving the lives of people affected by MS.

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Research news and publications

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MS research webinars

To stay up-to-date with the latest in MS research, you can keep an eye out for our upcoming research webinars. Led by experts, our research webinars are part of our Health Promotion and Wellbeing Program. Hear from leading MS researchers on a range of topics, including things like:

  • gut health and MS
  • exercise and MS
  • the role of diet on cognition in MS
  • cannabinoid therapeutics and MS.

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