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We pride ourselves on being trusted experts! Through our MS Plus Health Promotion and Wellbeing Program we’re committed to inspiring you to feel empowered through knowledge to take control of your life.

We regularly host live webinars where we share the expertise of our team and special guests on a range of health and wellbeing topics related to multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions. You can join any of our upcoming webinars for free.

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Upcoming webinars

13 December 2023

Preparing for emergencies and extreme conditions

Summer can be a time of challenging conditions, with extreme weather and bushfires, which can bring additional stress for people living with MS. This webinar features a panel of experts and researchers who will provide up to date information and support to help navigate another summer season.

• Dr Yvonne Learmonth, a senior lecturer at Murdoch University and accredited physiotherapist, and co-researcher with Dr. Claudia Marck, who will discuss their collaborative project aimed at understanding and enhancing the preparedness of the MS community for future crises.
• Eilish Maguire, a National Lead for Urban Climate Resilience at the Australian Red Cross, will share insights on building community and individual resilience to disasters, drawing from her extensive humanitarian experience.
• Nurse Advisor, Jane Gilliland, an MS Certified Nurse and has been a MS Nurse Advisor since 2017. Jane has recently become a volunteer firefighter with the Country Fire Authority in Victoria.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical tips to navigate the challenges of summer for those living with MS.

5:30pm–6:30pm AEDT

18 January 2024

Evidence-based diet and MS: looking at the Mediterranean diet

"MS diets and fad diets share a lot in common — they promise huge results and often suggest cutting out food groups, or requiring expensive speciality foods and supplements... good healthy eating for MS doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg or remove joy out of your life!”

When there is so much information about MS diets and trends, how do you sort out fact from fiction? In this live webinar, Accredited Practicing Dietician and certified fertility dietitian, and founder of Tayyib Nutrition, Mariam Metwally, will unravel the science behind diets for MS, what is a fad and what evidence-based approaches there are. Mariam will go into detail about the Mediterranean diet, as well as the relationship between diet and the microbiome.

Mariam Metwally is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with specialist training as a certified fertility dietitian. She is the founder of Tayyib Nutrition specialising in women’s health.

Mariam is passionate about helping women gain relief from conditions like PCOS and supporting women optimise their diet and lifestyle to support fertility and preconception health. She's also passionate about MS and using diet and lifestyle to help improve quality of life, particularly for women in the preconception period.

1:00pm–2:00pm AEDT

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