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Whether you want to limit travel, live regionally or would just prefer to stay home where you feel safer – you can still access any of our services.

Home visits

Our occupational therapists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, continence nurses and dietitians can visit you if home visits are available in your area.

Our team will bring any necessary equipment to you and all you need to provide is a space to meet. Get in touch with our Plus Connect team to find out if you can access home visits in your area.


Telehealth consultations provide a personal experience with our team members. All you need is a phone or computer to access support.

All of our services (other than accommodation) are available via Telehealth to ensure that you reach your goals in the safety of your home.

Telehealth provides a way for you to attend your appointments regardless of your location. The technology we use is secure and your privacy is always protected.

To get started, give our Plus Connect team a call on 1800 042 138.

Ready to get started or have some questions?

Fill in the form below or if you prefer, get in touch with our Plus Connect team on 1800 042 138 or email [email protected]. Let us know what you need because we are here to help you in any way we can.

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