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MS Plus is one of Australia’s leading not-for-profits supporting people living with MS and other neurological conditions. MS Plus works across the ACT, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Our wide range of emotional and practical support includes:

  • NDIS services
  • expert advice
  • employment services
  • allied health services
  • education and wellbeing programs
  • peer support

Other MS organisations based in Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia and the Northern Territory provide information, advice and support services for people affected by MS and other neurological conditions. Across Australia, we all work alongside MS Australia, our national body dedicated to advocacy and research.

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MS Australia

MS Australia (MSA) was established by the state-based organisations to serve as our national body dedicated to research and advocacy for the MS community across Australia.

MSA’s mission is to “accelerate Australian MS research toward the prevention, better treatments and a cure for MS”.

Alongside the state-based organisations, MS Australia:

  • Funds researchers, projects and collaborative platforms to advance MS research.
  • Advocates for people living with MS by collaborating with national alliances and lobbying the government and other decisions-makers.
  • Educates and raises public awareness on MS and MS research, while championing the MS community.
  • Collaborates with international organisations, such as the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSFI).

As a trusted national voice on MS to government and media, MS Australia’s influence is wide-reaching.

MS QLD (Queensland)

MS QLD is the state’s leading non-profit MS organisation for information, education, treatment, care and support for people living with MS.

MSWA (Western Australia)

MSWA is a non-profit organisation that provides vital support and services to people living with all neurological conditions (including MS) in Western Australia.

MS SA & NT (South Australia and the Northern Territory)

MS Society SA & NT is a non-profit organisation that provides information, education, connection, care and support to people living with MS in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

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