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If you are living with MS or other neurological conditions, incorporating exercise into your routine can be a wonderful way to improve your overall health and wellbeing. There are many benefits of exercising that can help manage symptoms, improve mobility, increase strength, endurance, boost mood and cognitive function.

At MS Plus, we offer a range of exercise programs designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall wellbeing. Our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists can help you develop an exercise plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Our services include:

  • Plus Balance – This 6-week evidence-based falls prevention program, led by experienced physiotherapists, can help you prevent falls and build confidence in your movements.
  • Plus Boxing – For people living with MS or Parkinson's disease, this 6-week, boxing program is a fun and effective way to improve your strength and coordination under the guidance of our exercise physiologists.
  • Plus Exercise Physiology - Our experienced exercise physiologists have a deep understanding of neuro conditions and can create personalised workout plans tailored to your individual needs - either 1:1 or in a group setting.
  • Plus Gyms – Join us at our Lidcombe Wellbeing Centre (NSW) and soon-to-be-opened Footscray Wellbeing Centre (VIC), featuring specially-designed gyms for people with neuro conditions.
  • Plus Hydro – Experience the benefits of hydrotherapy that increases strength, promotes circulation and relieves pain to improve overall wellbeing.
  • Plus Pilates - Led by physiotherapists who are experts in both Pilates and neuro conditions, this 6-week program can help you develop strength and stability. We welcome everyone of all fitness level to join us in person at our Blackburn Center (VIC) or virtually through a webinar.
  • Plus Physiotherapy - Our neuro-specialised physiotherapists are here to support you in improving your mobility, strength and balance. While located primarily in Victoria and New South Wales, we also offer remote physiotherapy services through Telehealth for people residing in the ACT or Tasmania.

Regardless of the type of exercise you choose, our allied health professionals will work with you to ensure that you are exercising safely and effectively. They will monitor your progress and adjust your program as needed to ensure that you are getting the most benefit from your exercise program.

Don't let your symptoms hold you back from living a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. Contact MS Plus Connect team today at 1800 042 138 to learn more about our exercise programs and other services. With the help of our experts, you can manage your symptoms and continue doing what matters most to you.

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“The gym is such a positive, happy environment. It gave me the mental strength to go ahead and live with MS. Thank you for making this possible."


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