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How MS affected Nadine

Out of nowhere, Nadine was hit with vertigo, numbness and fatigue, which made it hard for Nadine to get through the day. It got to the point where she didn’t feel she could leave the house without the support of her children.

Thanks to the support of donors, we put Nadine in touch with an occupational therapist, who visited her home. They worked with Nadine to understand each symptom, and planned how to manage them.

With this support, Nadine was able to regain independence and bring back a sense of normality to her and her children’s lives.

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“I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to have an occupational therapist come and see me. And the fact that that was provided because someone donated means the world to me.”


If you're experiencing symptoms of MS

If MS is impacting your daily life, we’re here for you. We can connect you with a range of support and services to help you do what matters most to you. This can include:

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